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LGSWGA Open Days 2022

  • 12 April   Albany GC

  • 29 April   Walpole CC

  • 10 May Denmark CC

  • 27 May   Bremer Bay CC

  • 10-12 June   LGSWGA Championships Kojonup CC

  • 17 June Tambellup GC

  • 1 July  LGSWGA Foursomes Championships Greenrange GC

  • 5 August   Kendenup GC

  • 12 August   Gnowangerup GC

  • 19 August   Mount Barker GC

  • 17 September   Riverview GC

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LGSWGA Pennant Fixtures 2022

Round 1  26 April  Denmark
Denmark Fantails  v Riverview
Denmark Wrens  v  Plantagenet
Albany  v  Kojonup

Round 2   17 May   Albany
Albany  v  Denmark Wrens
Riverview  v  Plantagenet
Denmark Fantails  v  Kojonup

Round 3  19 July  Mount Barker (Plantagenet)
Plantagenet  v  Kojonup
Albany v Denmark Fantails
Riverview  v  Denmark Wrens

Round 4   30 August  Riverview
Riverview  v  Albany
Denmark Wrens  v  Kojonup
Denmark Fantails  v  Plantagenet

Round 5  6 September  Kojonup
Kojonup  v Riverview
Albany v Plantagenet
Denmark Fantails  v Denmark Wrens



2021 LGSWGA Championships

Sharon Dawson - 36 Hole Champion & Annette Harbron 36 Hole nett Winner
(V. Heberle Trophy)


LGSWGA Foursomes Championship 2021 Winners


Gross Foursomes winners Tracy Lamont and Karan Murray with sponsor Tony Hunter


Nett Foursomes winner Carol Chilcott and Yvonne Simpson with trophy donor Kevin Heberle

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GOLFWA Tournaments 2022

  • Regional Seniors 5-6 May  

      Spalding Park GC

  • Rural Bronze 24-26 June  Riverview GC

  • Provincials 8-10 July   Denmark CC

  • Silver Spoon Play Off 22 August Nedlands GC

  • Jubilee Fours Play Off  23 August Royal Perth

  • Country Week  24-26 August

  • Travel Tree Play Off  19 September Wanneroo GC

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Gross Champions

Katie O'Halloran & Leonie Banks

2nd - Doreen Hughes & Annette Harbron

3rd Karan Murray & Tracy Lamont

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The Lower Great Southern Women’s Golf Association (LGSWGA) has 17 affiliated clubs stretching from Kojonup in the north through to Jerramungup in the east and all areas south.



There are a number of other golf clubs in the Great Southern of WA which do not have affiliated ladies groups but all clubs welcome green fee players.