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LGSWGA Open Days 2023

  • 28 April  Walpole CC

  • 2 May   Albany GC

  • 9 May Denmark CC

  • 26  May  LGSWGA Foursomes Championships  Bremer Bay CC

  • 9-10 June   LGSWGA Championships Riverview GC

  • 30 June Greenrange GC

  • 4 August   Kendenup GC

  • 11 August   Gnowangerup GC

  • 18 August   Mount Barker GC

  • 1 September  Borden Golf Club

  • 15 September  Kojonup CC


Albany Open Day

Screen Shot 2022-04-28 at 1.34.08 pm.png

Winners: Pauline Ruoss, Cindy House, Anne MacKay & Jody Pech with Women's Captain  Janine Barrett
Runners up: Marlene Provost, Rae Sounness, Leeanne Warren & Kerry Steicke
3rd : Michelle Davy, Sue Bailey, Val Crossley & Anne Wolfe
4th: Marion Young, Heather Moyle, Liz O'Meara & Margaret Middleton

Walpole Open Day

LGSWGA  9 Holes Open Days

Screen Shot 2022-05-03 at 6.03_edited.jpg

Denmark CC  2nd May
Winners :Adrienne Quenby, Jenni Flynn & Neita Eyres.
Runners up: Sonia Addis, Sue Graham & Jo Burnfield
3rd: Julie Ross, Jen Clapin & Brenda Day
4th: Irene Williams, Janelle Greeney & Lesley Hunter
5th: Trish Flynn, Mary Montefiore & LynCottee


Mount Barker GC 30th May
Winners: Sally Holding, Kath Hurley & Jo Burnfield
Runners-up: Heather Moyle, Lea Park & Marsha Williams
3rd: Dina Taebert, Peta Hill & Anna Anderson
4th: Jen Clapin, Irene Williams & Sue Graham


Riverview CC 15th August
Winners: Jo Burnfield, Peta Hill & Robyn Sellenger
2nd: Mandy Garlick, Gwenda Rose & Lea Parkes
3rd: Sue Graham, Sonia Addis & Jenni Flynn
4th: Kath Hurley, Mary Montefiore & Lynn Cottee



Winners: Christine Swingler & Lea Barridge- DCC
Runners up: Shirley Dempster & Lesley Owen - DCC
3rd: Gwenda Cross & Yvonne Simpson - Mount Barker
1-9: Sue Hawkins & Lee Edwards - Walpole
10-18: Adrienne Quenby & Kerry Steicke - Mount Barker
Gross: Sharon Dawson & Lesley Wiles - DCC


Denmark Open Day


Winners: Wendy Ferguson & Marion Nelson with on of the sponsors Steve Hall - Rockcliffe Wines
Runners up: Sharon Dawson & Lesley Wiles
3rd:  Jane Dudley & Sue Baxter
4th Anna Wolfe & Michelle Davy
5th Sue Hawkins & Viv Tippett

Bremer Bay Open Day


Tambellup Open Day


Nett Winners: Karan Murray & Kate Oliver
Runners up: Carol Chiicott & Gwenda Cross
3rd: Sarah Taylor & Cindy House
4th: Tricia Sisman & Sue Baxter
Gross Winners: Kerry Steicke & Leeann Warren
Runners up: Tracy Lamont & Rae Souness


Kendenup Open Day


Winners: Jody Pech & Mary Wellstead

Runners-up: Tracy Lamont & Yvonne Simpson

3rd: Katie O'Halloran & Paula Reid

4th: Cass Porter & Kerry Steicke

Riverview Open Day

Nett winner: Karan Murray
Nett runner up: Andrea Furniss
Gross winner: Tracy Lamont
Gross runner up: Janine Barrett
Veteran: Gwenda Cross
A Grade: Colleen Parsons
B Grade: Rhonda Dowdell
C Grade: Wendy Bakurski

Gnowangerup Open Day


Nett winners: Cass Porter & Viv Ireland
Runners-up: Katie O'Halloran & Sarah Taylor
Gross winners: Karry Steicke & Leeann Warren
Runners-up: Karan Murray & Tracey Lamont

Borden Open Day

Winners: A Furniss & C Parsons
Runners-up: K O'Halloran & J Pech
Gross winners: H Warren & K Murray

Nett winners : Annette Harbron & Doreen Hughes
Runners up : Sue Hawkins & Viv Tippett
3rd : Tricia Sissman & Ev Hutchinson
4th : Kerry Steicke & Adrienne Quemby
Gross winners : Lisa Morey & Marion Nelson
1-9 : Elaine MacTaggert & Robyn Sellenger
10-18 : Margaret Killick & Frankie Griffiths

Mount Barker Open Day

Screen Shot 2022-10-25 at 2.33.09 pm.png

Winners: V. Ireland, R. Sobey, B. Baxter &
  E. Hutchinson
Runners-up: D. Ruck, M. Moyle, K. Murray &   
  T. Lamont
3rd: C. Porter, G. Cross, F. Griffiths &
  L. Wilson
4th: S. Burton, M. Burn, M. Provost & M. Slynn
5th: C. House, A. House, A. MacKay &
  D. Laffin


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